Talking about evaluation


Evaluation is a type of critical thinking.
It involves systematically collecting, analyzing and using information to enhance learning and decision making.


Why invest in evaluation?

Evaluation offers a range of powerful tools to make judgments about the value of any set of procedures, activities, strategies, projects, policies, programs, organisations or systems.

The benefits of evaluation include

  • It provides a transparent mechanism for accountability for business structures (including government, NGOs, and community organisations) by assisting with monitoring progress and meeting reporting requirements.
  • It enables good governance, sound decision-making and smart resource allocation.
  • It encourages evidence based policy and practice by assessing data from a range of sources.
  • It improves program and policy design by 'starting with the end in mind' resulting in clearly defined intended outcomes and ensuring alignment with organisational activities.
  • It supports best practice and integrates well when embedded with stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, project management and continuous improvement approaches.
  • It can clearly demonstrate what's been happening, what works and doesn't work for whom, in what context and why.
  • It can empower people whose voice might otherwise not be heard by including them in evaluation activities and giving them a say about decisions/ services that affect their lives.

You don't have to go it alone

We offer a wealth of evaluation resources to get your organisation started or improve your approach to evaluation including:


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