APSEN is a free dedicated informal network to connect those working in evaluation in the public sector to share information and build capability across the membership by:

  • sharing evaluation resources (tools, templates and guides) between government departments and agencies across Australia
  • sharing public sector evaluation findings and lessons learnt in the public sector with network members in addition to publicly available information
  • establishing a supportive community of practice for professional public sector evaluators
  • supporting capacity and capability building within and across our departments and agencies
  • providing a platform for sharing, interaction and hosting events
  • raising the profile and promoting the professionalisation of public sector evaluation in Australia.

APSEN is committed to supporting public sector employees and to improving the quality of public sector evaluation.

APSEN is governed by a Steering Group of public sector representatives from the network. For further information refer to the APSEN Steering Group Terms of Reference

Sharepoint Communication site

APSEN members have access to the APSEN Sharepoint Communication site. The site provides the latest public sector evaluation information including a library of public sector evaluation resources and reports, calendar of APSEN capability and capability building events, chat forum for members to connect and share key insights and much more.

APSEN Sharepoint Communication site

Interested in joining?

APSEN welcomes members from within the public sector as well as others with an interest in public sector evaluation. If you are interested in joining the network, please contact apsen@aes.asn.au.