Following a review of our evaluation learning program, AES is seeking expressions of interest from facilitators to deliver new online workshops. These workshops are to not only complement but broaden our existing program by aligning more directly to the domains and competencies listed in the Evaluators Professional Learning Competency Framework

We are seeking submissions of full-day and half-day workshops addressing specific topics – see listing below.
Full-day workshops are split over two sessions of 3 hours each, usually a week apart. Half-day workshops are either one session of 3 hours or split over 2 sessions of 90 minutes each, usually a week apart.

Workshops should be designed using adult learning principles and be interactive to maximise participant learning.

Workshops can be designed for those who are new to evaluation or for more advanced practitioners. Presenters should make clear which level of expertise the workshop is aimed towards; beginner, intermediate, advanced, or all three.

When submitting your workshop proposal please ensure you address innovative theoretical and practice knowledge and skills with consideration to workshop participants’ level of experience. Submission deadline is COB Monday 4 October 2021.

Workshop content should focus on developing knowledge, understanding and competencies, evaluation techniques and practices. You will be asked to provide detail on how your workshop aligns to the Evaluators Professional Learning Competency Framework.

Online workshops are delivered using the Zoom meeting platform (AES owns a business account).

Note: You may submit more than one proposal.


AES workshop presenters are paid an honorarium at the following rates:

flat rate of AUD$2,000 (+ GST) all-inclusive per workshop for up to 18 participants
flat rate of AUD$3,000 (+ GST) all-inclusive per workshop for 19–25 participants

flat rate of AUD$1,200 (+ GST) all-inclusive per workshop for up to 18 participants
flat rate of AUD$1,700 (+ GST) all-inclusive per workshop for 19–25 participants

Note: Two or more presenters may facilitate a workshop, but only one honorarium payment per workshop will be made. 

Workshop topics

Please click on each topic for a detailed description.

Evaluand analysis
Systems thinking
Theoretical foundations of evaluative thinking
Using rubrics in evaluation
Cultural awareness, safety and competency for evaluation practice
Interactive dashboard using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
Quantitative data collection and analysis
Understanding and working with ‘Big Data’
Promoting your Consulting Services
Measuring sustainability and impact
Trauma-informed evaluation

Assessment criteria

Use the following assessment criteria to guide your submission. A panel of reviewers from the AES Pathways Committee will assess proposals against these criteria. 

1Relevance to the chosen topic, and of the particular knowledge, techniques and practices for evaluation and evaluators
2Extent to which the proposed teaching/ learning strategies and resources are sound and appropriate for an online environment
3Alignment with the Evaluators' Professional Learning Competency Framework is explicit
4Evidence of the presenter being an effective online workshop facilitator (for example, through receiving positive feedback from other workshops)
5Extent to which the proposed objectives and prerequisites are clear and appropriate for the target group, and the objectives are achievable
6Overall value for the target group

How to submit your proposal

Submit by COB Monday 4 October 2021

Use the online form to submit your proposal. The form will ask you to supply the following information:
– Workshop title
– Contact details for main facilitator
– Has this workshop been presented before? If yes, where?
– Professional experience
– Presentation experience delivering workshops, including online
– List of presenters with short bios
– Workshop proposal – see below (max 400 words)
– Target group 
– Prerequisites / level of experience
– Relevance to Evaluators Professional Learning Competency Framework
– Justification for workshop – see below (maximum of 300 words)

Go to online submission form

Proposal for a workshop (word limit: 400 words)

Your proposal for a workshop should describe:
– the purpose of the workshop
– the particular knowledge, techniques and/or practices to be addressed
– the specific objectives/learning outcomes of the workshop
– the online teaching/learning strategies to be used
– the target group at which the workshop is pitched, and any prerequisites including the level of experience
– how does your workshop address domains and competencies from the Evaluators' Professional Learning Competency Framework

Note: Keep in mind the assessment criteria listed above in preparing your proposal.

Justification for workshop (word limit: 300 words)

The justification statement explains the workshop’s relevance to evaluation and the importance of what you are proposing. It should also provide evidence of:
– your expertise in the area
– your experience in workshop facilitation and applying adult learning techniques
– details of where and when you have presented this workshop before and, if so, evidence of success.

Online submission form

About the Evaluators Professional Learning Competency Framework

A competent evaluator brings together a variety of knowledge and skills within an overarching frame of an evaluative attitude and professional practice, for conducting evaluation activities. The AES Evaluators Professional Learning Competency Framework outlines the various domains of those competencies and how they relate to each other.

In your submission you are asked to provide detail on how your workshop aligns to the framework.